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Your Best Value for MEMS/ASIC Test Equipment and Engineering Services

Solidus Technologies, Inc. is a visionary MEMS and Mixed Signal ASIC Test Equipment (ATE) product development company offering a diverse portfolio of MEMS and Mixed Signal ASIC Test Equipment, Manufacturing and Engineering services.

We are driven by our continual call to excellence and years of MEMS manufacturing experience, particularly in the automotive sector. We provide our customers with products and solutions that result in the highest return on investment, using our dedicated team of employees and unique intellectual assets.  Our test systems feature an open architecture, flexible and scalable hardware platforms in a small footprint, and utilize robust standard hardware and software tools developed to provide the lowest cost of test at wafer level through package level. 

Our offerings include MEMS and Mixed Signal ASIC test equipment and a diverse portfolio of engineering and manufacturing services. Solidus Technologies, Inc. provides turnkey solutions, systems integration and ATE systems. Our objective is to be your key partner for success.

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Drive Sense Technology STI3000: Allows for fully dynamic testing of MEMS sensors, such as the drive (top) and sense (bottom) modes for a typical angular rate gyro.

Wafer Probe Test:
A technology leader in MEMS wafer probe testing utilizing Solidus’ unique Drive Sense Technology (DST), which combines unique circuitry, software and test methods that produce the most accurate representation of MEMS sensor dynamic behavior at the fastest test times in the MEMS industry, resulting in the highest return on investment. Solidus’ Wafer probe test system products, technology and services include: STI3000 (Type I or Type II enclosures), STI9000 and Service Offerings. Dynamically test MEMS products such as Gyros, Accelerometers, Pressure Sensors, Microphones, Resonators, Optical Mirros, Fluidic devices and much more.

Package Level Test:
A leader in cost effective MEMS and Mixed Signal ASIC automatic test equipment (ATE) providing only the resources necessary for the customer, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership. Solidus’ ATE is scalable from wafer probe to package and module testing. Single-site and multi-site configurations are available and re-usable across a variety of MEMS and Mixed Signal ASIC product families. This flexibility and scalability is achieved through configurable load boards, STICOMM test modules and/or software.  Solidus’ ATE products utilize standard hardware and software tools and a small form-factor configuration that provides the lowest maintenance and support tester platform. Solidus’ MEMS and ASIC test system products and services include: STI9000, STICOMM and Service Offerings.

MEMS and ASIC Engineering Services:
Your key partner to success, Solidus’ provides a wide spectrum of MEMS and ASIC engineering services that enable the customer’s success throughout the entire product development cycle - product development, characterization, qualification and production. These services include: MEMS Sensor Element Design, Test Services, Manufacturing Services, Test System Integration and Training.

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