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SERVICES | MEMS & ASIC Product Characterization

Solidus Technologies’ can test and characterize your products or prototype parts on our equipment and deliver a full analysis of the data. The data collected can be analyzed to provide design feedback and validation, process feedback and process monitor optimizations, decreasing your product development time to market and improving your product quality. The product characterization data can also be used for screening of parts for customer delivery or identification of failure modes from customer returns.

1) Wafer-Level MEMS and ASIC Product Characterization:
Solidus can provide MEMS dynamic measurements and data analysis of resonant frequency, quality factor, stiction, hermeticity, quadrature error, hysteresis, spring rate, frequency response, work function potential, capacitance, leakage and a variety of mixed signal ASIC parameters.

2) Package-Level or Module-Level MEMS and ASIC Product Characterization:
Solidus can provide MEMS calibration, testing and data analysis of dynamic and static parameters, such as offset, sensitivity, linearity error, hysteresis, selftest, frequency response, noise, memory, leakage, supply current and a variety of mixed signal ASIC parameters. 

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