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SERVICES | MEMS Element Design & Fabrication

Solidus Technologies’ can assist you at any step along the way from MEMS design through high volume manufacturing:

MEMS Element Design and Simulation.  We use industry standard 3-D CAD and FEA tools like Pro/ENGINEER™ and Coventorware™ to design and analyze MEMS transducers such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, angular rate gyros, microphones, and resonators.
Photomask Design and Layout. 
We use industry standard tools to create photomask layer data, and can also work directly with a mask shop to deliver finished photomasks if desired.

MEMS Fabrication. 
We don’t have our own fab, but we work closely with several of the top MEMS foundries worldwide. We can help you develop a manufacturable fabrication process, select the best foundry, obtain prototypes, and work with the foundry to transfer processes from development and optimize them for high volume manufacturing. 

For more information about how we can help you bring your MEMS product to market, contact your Solidus Technologies, Inc. representative today.

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