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The STI9000 is a mixed signal ATE used for testing ASIC and MEMS products. Each STI9000 test instrument fits into a small tester mainframe and contains multi-functional analog and digital test resources. All of the test functions are managed by an on-board microcontroller. In this manner, each STI9000 test instrument can run independently as it's own tester or multiple STI9000 instruments can be combined to operate as a highly parallel DUT test system. For extended test resources, special STICOMM test instruments can be added into the tester mainframe. A standard Windows PC runs the STI user interface software, providing bidirectional communication, data analysis and control of any external test hardware (electrodynamic shakers, pressure controllers, temperature chambers, wafer probers, handlers, etc.). The STI9000 ATE is fully scalable, allowing you to increase capacity as desired, only paying for exactly what you need and giving you the highest return on your ATE investment.

STI9000 Mixed Signal Tester Product Sheet (PDF)

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